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What is Sudoku? How to Solve Sudoku Puzzles?

What is Sudoku?

Today's most famous Japanese game Sudoku means "single number". Sudoku is best game to improve thinking and reasoning abilities. That's why schools in the Asia have Sudoku classes and it is very popular among Asian population.

How to Play Sudoku?

Sudoku consists of 9 squares each has 9 cells. You have to use numbers from 1 through 9 and you have to use each number only once in each square, each row and each column.

Sudoku Rules

There are only 3 rules at Sudoku Game. You have to use numbers 1 through 9 and each square, row and column can have each number only once.

Why Sudoku Game?

Purpose of Sudoku is that you can improve your thinking in 3 dimensions. Each Sudoku puzzle has only one solution and it is almost impossible to predict. Based on numbers given in some cells, you need to find out appropriate numbers for others. Some Sudoku puzzles have more than one solution but it only creates confusion. Real Sudoku puzzle has to have only one solution.

How to solve Sudoku puzzles?

There are 2 basic solution strategies in Sudoku. One of them is possibility of which numbers can locate in which cells and second is possibility of that which numbers cannot be located in which cells. Based on given numbers, you need to find which numbers should be in blank cells.

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As you can play sudoku online at wsudoku.com, also you can print sudoku puzzles without any ads.

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Other Names: sudoko, suduko, suduku, sodoko, sodoku, soduko, soduku

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Comments / Complaints

Jay's Wing
Cool sudoku site though this one is more like a hard sudoku then a championship one. -_-
Thank you.
Yjuania. Alfred
I like the game sudoku me and my sister were play..
Thanks for this free and ad-free online sudoku game I loved it
wow nice sudoku website. very simple and clear. I liked highlight feature. good job